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Choker - 'Peach Mink'

Choker - 'Peach Mink'

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Something different.
And extraordinarily flattering.

Unisex choker, handmade by the artist. Digitally printed with latex inks on PVC. The print has a semi-glossy sheen. The background is inkless and white. Black satin straps. Size: 19 x 4.5 cm.


"A sexual body is a healthy body - not an invitation.

Mink Chokers are about empowerment: the bold freedom to be sensual and attractive, but without the pressure to interact sexually - and without the fear of being hated on or harassed. Humans are supposed to be sexy: a sexual body is a healthy body - not an invitation. You are not here for others, you are here for you.

Unapologetically, a mega babe - a mink."

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