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Print - 'Dragonfruit'

Print - 'Dragonfruit'

Giclée print on paper

80 - 180 EUR

If you're interested in this design, please email or IG DM @saaravaniala.


"The character in my Dragonfruit series was born during a time when I experienced BDD and dissociation. I felt extremely uncomfortable and boxed in within my gender. My mind was too masculine for my soul, and my soul was too feminine for my body, and ensuing the hormonal imbalance wreaked havoc on my physiology.

Dragonfruit Lady embodies both dualistic genders: they are both feminine and masculine. They sit on a coiled Kundalini snake, and they express all gender expressions with pleasure. They are a hermaphrodite.

They represent house music. House music does not discriminate, but wants us to enjoy every beat in the bar. We can and we must bloom individualistically - as long as the being is pure. If you find your authentic self in your root, the flower of you will be beautiful.

House music, hermaphroditey-Afroditey, kundalini snakey-bakey, 'both, both is good'; exotic lil fruitsy, two-in-one double trouble."

Description, sizes, and options


Fine art giclée print on matte paper. Made in Helsinki, Finland. You're gonna love it.


30 x 40 cm - 80 EUR
50 x 70 cm - 140 EUR
70 x 100 cm - 180 EUR

These print sizes are Northern European standard frame sizes. Please be in contact for international standards and custom sizes: or IG DM @saaravaniala.


A. Bright white (very modern)
B. Off-white (classic choice)


C. Full print (from edge to edge)
D. Passepartout-ready (empty space/white space around art piece)

Delivery time and options

Made-to-order: expect to be shipped or ready for pickup within 7 working days of ordering.

Delivery options
- Local pickup (00150, Helsinki)
- Postal service
- Tracking / courier service by request

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