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Print - 'Maria Magdalena'

Print - 'Maria Magdalena'

Giclée print on paper

80 - 180 EUR

If you're interested in this design, please email or IG DM @saaravaniala.


"This was a very transformative piece for me.

The Chinese letters spell 'huge saint'; who is our heroine? Is she a saint or a whore, or both? Is she empowered or is she overpowered? Emancipated or caged? Are the female gender and her sexuality an expression of her true nature - or the manifestation of social pressure, put on by the masculine mind? Is she self-realized and a tough cookie, or is she under-nurtured?

I had this strange obsession
I was sure the only profession
I could endure or flourish in
was prostituting

In addition, this piece hollers at the vision of a future where neon lights have saturated us so thoroughly that we have forgotten we are a part of Gaia. That we get everything from Gaia."

Description, sizes, and options


Fine art giclée print on matte paper. Made in Helsinki, Finland. You're gonna love it.


30 x 40 cm - 80 EUR
50 x 70 cm - 140 EUR
70 x 100 cm - 180 EUR

These print sizes are Northern European standard frame sizes. Please be in contact for international standards and custom sizes: or IG DM @saaravaniala.


A. Bright white (very modern)
B. Off-white (classic choice)


C. Full print (from edge to edge)
D. Passepartout-ready (empty space/white space around art piece)

Delivery time and options

Made-to-order: expect to be shipped or ready for pickup within 7 working days of ordering.

Delivery options
- Local pickup (00150, Helsinki)
- Postal service
- Tracking / courier service by request

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