• "I don't want to drive a Bugatti; I want to bomb humanity - with spirituality, education, and (most importantly) condoms."

    - Saara Vaniala

General info & sustainability statement

THIS WEBSITE showcases art and ideas created by me, Saara Vaniala, an independent and self-taught multi-disciplinary artist and thinker from Helsinki, Finland. I sell my work as a legal person, and I pays income tax from my profits.

Ethical and ecological aspects of the production of purchasable items are of crucial importance to me. All materials and subcontractors are chosen based on not only their high quality but endorsed ethics and sustainability policies as well. We get everything from Gaia.

Pricing and manufacturing quality lie on a balanced axis of accessible and exclusive. When something is of high quality and of monetary worth, we tend to take care of the items better: objects become our adored investments. This type of selective shopping is a great way to decrease consumerism through value, respect, and personal enjoyment. In short, I keep my prices as low as possible while upholding a quality worth acquiring.

Ordering, shipping & returns

Order by contacting Saara: i@saaravaniala.com or IG DM @saaravaniala.

Crypto, PayPal, MobilePay, and bank transfer are accepted payment methods at the moment.
If you'd like to pay in cash Euros (upon local pickup), please ask in advance.

By default, shipping is handled via national postal offices. If you want tracking, shipping insurance, or courier service, please let this be known when placing an order.

Standard shipping costs (no tracking) are based on item type:

ACCESSORIES: Finland 4 EUR, EU 6 EUR, world-wide 9 EUR

CLOTHING: Finland 6 EUR, EU 8-11 EUR, world-wide 12-18 EUR

PRINTS: Finland 8 EUR, EU 11 EUR, world-wide 18 EUR

IN-STOCK ITEMS: Shipped within two working days.
BESPOKE ITEMS: Expect to be shipped within 7 working days (for prints) or 14 working days (for clothing and accessories).

Local pickup is free and available for all orders.
Orders are picked up from Punavuori, Helsinki, Finland (00150).
In-stock items are ready to be picked up within two working days.

You are purchasing items from a private person, not consumer goods from a company. Your purchase is binding. Each piece is carefully manufactured and thoroughly inspected for faults. No returns or refunds are applicable.