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Scarf - 'Dragonfruit'

Scarf - 'Dragonfruit'

Silk georgette



Very: pink. To be adorned especially against brown skin tones as well as light skin tones with a warm undertone.

100% silk georgette. Silk georgette is a sheer, light, and fully matte material. Compared to chiffon, it is slightly heavier and has a grainy texture.

Digitally printed, with eco-friendly inks on eco-friendly silk, in London, England. Hand-rolled helm, black stitching. The artwork is printed on one side, but, as the fabric is translucent, it is visible on the backside as well.

Size & fit

46 x 46 cm
Neck scarf for sizes XS-M.

Excellent also as a choker, a handbag decoration, an ankle or wrist scarf, or as a pocket square.

The design story

"Dragonfruit Lady embodies both dualistic genders: they are both feminine and masculine. They sit on a coiled Kundalini snake, and they express all gender expressions with pleasure. They are a hermaphrodite.

The hermaphrodite, in turn, represents house music. House music does not discriminate, but wants us to enjoy every beat in the bar. We can and we must bloom individualistically - as long as the being is pure. If you find your authentic self in your root, the flower of you will be beautiful."

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