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Scarf - 'Saraswati'

Scarf - 'Saraswati'

Silk satin

150 EUR

If you're interested in this design, please email or IG DM @saaravaniala.


A diamond - but black. To be adorned especially against blue eyes and neutral to warm skin tones.

100% silk satin. This silk satin has the classic - and slightly metallic - sheen and a luscious feel. The heavy satin weave produces a thicker scarf - thick like a bandana.

Digitally printed with eco-friendly inks on eco-friendly silk in London, England. Hand-rolled helm, black stitching. The artwork is printed on one side, and it is dimly visible on the backside.

Size, fit & pricing

50 x 50 cm - MADE-TO-ORDER

50 x 50 cm - 150 EUR
Neck scarf for sizes S-XL. Classic bandana size.

Delivery options

This design is shipped/ready for pickup within 14 working days.

Delivery options
- Local pickup (00150, Helsinki)
- Postal service
- Courier service by request

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Silk rarely needs washing. Instead, steam it to freshen it up. Likewise, silk rarely needs ironing; iron only if the scarf is immacutely clean.

If you get a stain, gently treat it with all natural gall soap or Marseille soap, and soak the scarf in cool to lukewarm water. Let it air dry.

Storing: do not fold tightly - silk prefers loose folds or resting on a hanger when stored.

The design story

"Blue - but not quite. A diamond - but black. A shimmer - in a haze. For those who gaze at the sea, the sky, the horizon, or the deep, deep within.

There's a fine line between melancholy and awe. And it's only a short distance from appreciation to covetousness. May we pay our respects to those who devote themselves, humbly.

Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of wisdom and creativity. She wears no jewels;

dicked down girls don't wear dimes
chained down women do
Saraswati happened that night
when two become two
and ever since
I've been wearing your eye as my sight
your sacral as my armour
your vibe as my word

everyone has a heart
so we could all just have a big party all the time
but there's vanity, and pride
and guilt, that grows into wrath
and shame, that stops us from jumping high
- and fear: a.k.a. Thought.

Saraswati glides like a swan
she wears no jewels
she confesses to no statuses

- Saara Vaniala"

Book a studio visit

Sample scarves are available for viewing and fittings in Punavuori, Helsinki, 00150.

Book a visit to the artist's home studio via e-mailing or IG DM @saaravaniala.

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